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We’ve seen this scenario happen:

“A customer visits your site, and wants to buy the product but it’s not available to purchase because it is out of stock”

Meanwhile, your team scrambles to figure out who the customer is. 

You could get their contact details and let them know when it’s back in stock, but we don’t stop there ­čôł

Back in Stock­čĄŁPreOrder

We are excited to announce the release of our new PreOrder function for our back-in-stock Shopify app! This new function allows customers to preorder items that are currently out of stock. When the item comes back in stock, the customer will be automatically notified and their order will be processed. This is a great way to ensure that customers don’t miss out on items that they want.

We have thrived on bringing value to our Shopify store users. Starting our app in 2020 with simple Back in stock notifications, we have added a various arsenal of features to our app to be a tool that can bring great ROI for Shopify stores.

Our team at Notify me! has never settled for a medicore product, that’s why we’ve spent months of development on our PreOrder app.

Notify me! PreOder Functions

    • Create Pre-Order Button:┬áThe Pre-Order widget appears on out-of-stock products with the “Continue selling while stock” option
    • Offer Discounts:┬áCreate value for PreOrders b offering a discout for PreOrders. Customers are more likely to preorder your product if you offer a discount for preorders.
    • Customize PreOrder Display: Configuring apps to look the best on your store is a must-do. Our buttons are 100% cusomizable to every details
    • Delivery Fulfillment:┬áSeamlessly manage order fulfillment by setting triggers that ensure products are delivered at the right time
    • And so much more! Read more┬áhere.

preorder button

The preorder function is available now for all of our customers. To learn more, please visit our app and download it on the Shopify app store:

PreOrder Benefits

    • Increase sales: Customers who are unable to find the items they want in stock are more likely to preorder them if they know they will be notified when the item is back in stock.

    • Improve customer satisfaction: Customers will appreciate the convenience of being able to preorder items that they want, and they will be less likely to abandon their shopping carts if they know they can preorder the items they want.

    • Reduce abandoned carts: Customers who are unable to find the items they want in stock are more likely to abandon their shopping carts. The preorder function can help to reduce abandoned carts by giving customers the option to preorder the items they want.

If you are looking for a way to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce abandoned carts, then the preorder function is a great option for your Shopify store.

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