Send Notification

Instantly notify your customers when certain products are available via. email, SMS, and push notification.

Automatic Sending Notifications

Send automated notifications to your customers, keeping them informed about back-in-stock products. Even, you can send emails from your own domain, ensuring a professional experience for your customers.

Thank You Message After Subscription

Empower sales by sending a thank-you message when customers subscribe to the "Notify me" button and form. It can acknowledge their interest and builds a positive connection with your brand.

Generating 40% more revenue for DTC brands

GDPR Compliance

You need your user’s approval for sending them notifications according to the regulation of some European countries. Simply use this feature to protect customer data and build trust.

Multi-lingual Notification

Notify Me offers a powerful solution to merchants with multiple locations to optimize their fulfillment process by automatically routing orders to the nearest location with available stock.

Recover lost sales when you have out-of-stock products

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