Engineerio with its crafy custom legos has been using Notify me! to recover all the lost sales by using our out-of-stock widget

Custom LEGO figures Restocks with Engineerio


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Utilizing Notify Me! To Their Advantage

I have a large selection of items in my store and this app has helped me decide which items to restock first. It is very helpful for my customers to get an instant notification when something is in stock. It is easy to use and a nice little app. Highly recommended.
Owner at Engineerio
Time spent using app: Over 1 year

Why back in stock alert?

Almost 25% of every online store products are out-of-stock.

You lose many potential customers because of stockouts. But don’t worry! You can save up to 40% of these lost sales.

Notify Customers via . When Items Are Back-in-Stock

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