Robust Admin Dashboard and Reports

Notify Me offers a powerful back in stock admin panel for tracking conversions, in-demand out-of stock products, and customizable notifications.

Compelling Report

Gain valuable insights into back in stock requests, track inventory trends, and analyze customer preferences with our advanced analytics dashboard.

Fully customizable widgets

Easily personalize the color, size, and content of the "Notify me" button, subscription form and message. You can add your own CSS style too. Plus, you can show the button on pre-order product pages, home/collection page, and hide button on specific products.

Generating 40% more revenue for DTC brands

Notifying Channels

Easily notify customers about products through different channels: email, SMS, and push. With Notify Me, you can send automated back-in-stock notifications, Thank-You messages, and reminders.

Multi-location Inventory

Notify Me offers a powerful solution to merchants with multiple locations to optimize their fulfillment process by automatically routing orders to the nearest location with available stock.

Dedicated Customer Support

You can rely on our proactive customer support team to ensure your success with Back in stock. Our support team will respond immediately and resolve any issues related to theme integrations, app functionality, feature requests, etc

Recover lost sales when you have out-of-stock products

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