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One of the best affiliate programs to make money online, you can earn up to $1,000 annually for every customer you refer, Lifetime as long as the user remains subscribed.

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If you're a consultant, agency, or other service provider and work 1:1 with clients to help them implement new systems and grow their business, then our Partner Program is the right place for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our affiliate program is currently available on the Shoffi platform. Once you have signed up for the Shopify Affiliate Program here, you will be provided with a referral link through which your audience can sign-up. By sharing this link on social media, blog, or any other channel you can spread the word about Notify Me and generate an income for yourself.

A referral is counted as successful when Notify Me app gets installed by an acceptable Shopify store (for minimum 1 month). Remember, fraudulent installations may cause suspension.

Acceptable Shopify stores are the ones that are built on Shopify and meet at least 3 of these criteria:

  1. Store must be active for minimum of 6 months and have a Shopify plan
  2. The Shopify plan for the store must be Basic or higher
  3. Store must have at least 50 products and 5 Out of stock products
  4. Store must have at least $500 in revenue in the last quarter

Affiliates will be rewarded by 30% of any in-app payment.

All cash-outs are available on the 24th of every month through PayPal. Also, installation reward will be available 30 days after the installation. 

You can see your stats in Shoffi, the affiliate platform we use.


Anyone can become a Notfy Me partner: enthusiast merchants using the app, ecommerce trainers, YouTube influencers, Facebook groups managers, Shopify theme developers, Shopify partners, Shopify freelancers, etc.


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