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Almost every 4 out of 10 Shopify merchants lose customers because of out of stock products! We worked with more than 10,000 Shopify stores in 2023 to bring you some cool facts!

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Stockouts happen in this fast-moving world, we’ve aimed to give the tools to stores to maximize their return even when they’re out of stock. Out-of-stock products bring us questions: Is it worth it? How many people will opt-in to receive notifications? What countries present the best conversions? How do you generate the most sales from restocks? Which is most important: preorders, back in stocks, or forgetting about them? This guide will give you an inside look at global out-of-stock products by the data of more than 10,000 Shopify stores using our app, with tips on how you can grow.
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Overall Performance Of Notify Me!

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10,000+ Store Results

We received more than 7.5 million requests for out-of-stock products in 2023, an average of more than 60 requests per month!

With a restock rate above 55%, we made sure no traffic goes to waste. If your products run out of stock, you’re missing out on valuable leads. 

Just take a look at the revenue generated from our app this year with a whopping 27+ Million sales recorded using our app.

AOV Booster

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Average cart amount of products sold

Double the Cart, Double the Fun!

Once you restock, you nearly double your cart value! It’s simple. The product was out of stock and they left their contact. Now once restocked, users tend to add more items to their cart and increase their AOV!

The average price of products was $75.74 starting with items less than $1 and products worth more than $1000, there is no range of products that our app may not be useful for!

More than 60% growth in AOV is something we’re proud to have enabled for our Shopify merchants.

Conversion Rates

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Average order rate of restock notifications
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Average open rate of restock emails

Convert More with Notify Me!

The average open rate of 62% for emails is a magnificent number! Compare that to the 21.33% open rate of all emails from Mailchimp in their report.

About 10% of all requests received result in an order for your store which has a 60% more AOV. Investing in a back-in-stock app like Notify Me! pays out.


Total preorder products sold
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Average preorder product price
$ 0
Average Cart value of preordered products

Less than 3 month!

We launched our complete preorder function less than 4 months ago and in this short span, we helped Shopify stores sell more than 68,000 products with our app and add to their cash stream!

Preorders increase your AOV by 122%! If you are sure if you will have your products ready, make sure to have preorders ready for your store!

Map of 100+ countries using our app

Numbers represent the number of stores using our app. Thank you all from 100+ countries using our app!

Busy Times


Busiest Month of 2023

We received the highest amount of requests for out-of-stock products in May. 




Busiest Day of 2023

BFCM is one of the most important dates for eCommerce stores and we received the most requests on November 17th with Black Friday around the corner.


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