Best Pre Order App For Shopify That Will Increase Your Revenue

best pre order app for shopify

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, staying ahead of the competition requires innovative strategies that captivate customers and boost your bottom line. One such strategy gaining significant traction is leveraging pre orders. Pre order app for Shopify can help store owners maximize their profits by allowing customers to pre order items before they are released. 

With a Shopify pre order app, you can keep your customers informed about when their orders should arrive, manage inventory, accept payment, and generally streamline the overall pre ordering process. However, managing pre orders effectively necessitates the right tools in your arsenal.

In this article, we will take a look at what pre order apps are, how they work, the benefits of using them, and list some of the best pre order apps available for Shopify. 

What Is Pre Order App For Shopify?

Pre Order app for Shopify enables store owners to offer pre order capabilities to their customers. They can give customers the ability to pay for products they want but do not have in stock. This allows customers to reserve their desired item or items for a future purchase. It also provides store owners with improved inventory management, allowing them to focus their efforts on fulfilling pre orders or producing more of the high-demand items.

Pre Order app for Shopify is also particularly handy for store owners who offer products with a waitlist. Customers can leave their email addresses or contact information in order to be notified about the availability of the item. This is particularly useful for limiting the number of people who buy and return items, thus reducing costs associated with restocking.

How Does A Pre Order App Work?

Using a Pre Order app for Shopify is a simple and straightforward process for both customers and online stores. Once connected, it automatically replaces the add-to-cart with “pre order” buttons whenever the item gets out of stock or the not yet released. 

For customers, the process of using a pre order app for Shopify is easy. All they need to do is search for the desired product they want to pre order, add it to their cart, and then make the payment for the product. Once the payment is complete, the customer will receive a confirmation email from the store confirming their pre order. 

For the stores themselves, the pre order process is fairly simple as well. The app will automatically track and manage all pre order requests and will also handle customer data to ensure each customer is updated on the progress of their orders. The app will ensure the product is reserved, and the customer will be charged for it and notified of any type of payment requests (complete or partial payments) if applicable. 

Benefits Of Using Pre Order Apps

Pre Order app for Shopify offers a range of advantages that not only boost sales but also help build excitement and anticipation among customers. If you’re a Shopify merchant looking to enhance your business strategy, here are some points that integrating pre order app could be your next game-changer!

Increased Revenue 

Pre Order apps open up a whole new world of revenue potential. By offering customers the option to pre order products that are not yet available, you can secure sales before the items even hit your shelves. This can be especially useful for businesses that experience fluctuations in inventory or for those introducing exciting new products. Your cash flow gets a boost as customers commit to their purchases, which can be invaluable for businesses to better allocate resources, plan production schedules, and avoid overstocking or understocking issues

Better Inventory Management

Efficient inventory management is vital for any e-commerce business. Pre Order app for Shopify can be instrumental in this regard. With pre order apps, store owners have better control over their inventory as they can manage and track the level of demand for an item more easily. This kind of insight into customer demand and preferences helps store owners make sound strategic decisions when allocating resources toward specific items.

Customer Engagement and Loyalty

Enabling pre orders is a fantastic way to engage your customers and build loyalty. When customers can reserve products in advance, they feel like insiders, gaining access to upcoming releases or limited-edition items. 

Reduced Inventory Risk

Launching a new product involves inherent risks, such as overestimating demand and ending up with excess inventory. Pre Order app for Shopify mitigates this risk by allowing you to gauge customer interest before placing large production orders. This way, you can make informed decisions about how much inventory to produce, reducing the chances of overstocking or understocking.

Marketing Opportunities

Pre Orders present an excellent opportunity for marketing and promotion. You can create buzz around upcoming product launches, leverage social media teasers, and build email marketing campaigns centered around pre orders. This not only drives sales but also helps you build a community of eager customers who are excited about your brand.

Top Pre Order Apps For Shopify

The following are some of the best pre order apps for Shopify store owners:

1. Notify Me! Restock & PreOrder

You can automate and schedule pre orders with discounts and delivery notes based on stock levels of your inventory. You can also secure your payment by offering enticing discounts on upcoming products to expect more revenue streams. 

It offers helpful features like pre order discounts, automatic fulfillment, and order tracking. Apart from pre order, it provides a waitlist feature that allows customers to sign up and be notified when the item they want is available.

Pricing: Notify Me offers a 7-day free trial. Paid plans start from $19.9/mo with unlimited notifications and pre orders plus a 2% transaction fee. It also offers 24/7 customer support for both free and paid plan users.

2. PreOrder Now PreSale Wolf

Pricing: Free 10-day, Paid plan starts from $4.99/mo up to $119/mo with a 2% pre order transaction fee

3. Pre‑Order Now WOD

Pricing: Free 14-day, Paid plan starts from $19.95/mo up to $99.95/mo with additional charges

4. Amai PreOrder Manager

Amai is an all-in-one pre order app for Shopify that allows store owners to easily set up pre order sales pages and manage their orders prior to launch.

You can make partial payments and get discounts on pre-orders, let customers receive stock alerts, and generate buzz with features optimized for presales and product launches.

Pricing: Amai PreOrder offers a 14-day free trial. Paid plans start from $24.95/mo up to $89.95/mo with additional fees.

5. Panda PreOrder

Pricing: Free plan available; Paid plan starts from $2.99/mo up to $5.99/mo with no transaction fee


A pre order app for Shopify can be an invaluable asset for any Shopify-based business, allowing them to easily promote and manage pre orders for their products. Pre order apps also provide customers with the convenience of being able to secure desired items before they are released on the market. With the right pre order app in place, businesses can take advantage of increased demand, manage their inventory, and generally increase their profits. 

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