10 Proven Strategies For Sending Back In Stock Notifications in 2023

back in stock notification strategy

As an online store owner, it’s essential to stay ahead of the game in the ever-changing world of e-commerce. One of the vital aspects here is to provide back in stock alerts for your unavailable products to keep the shoppers engaged and make them purchase the products later from your store.

However, just offering back in stock alerts doesn’t guarantee to maximize your sales potential. In today’s digital age, customers have more control than ever over what they buy and how they buy it. 

A good back in stock notification strategy can help you capitalize on the trend and encourage customer loyalty. Also, it can provide you with a significant edge over your competitors by ensuring enhanced customer satisfaction, which will result in higher sales and better customer engagement. 

Here are the top 10 back in stock notification strategies you should try:

1. Use a compelling email subject

Creating a compelling email subject is an important step in any back in stock notification strategy. You need to make sure that the email subject stands out and grabs the customer’s attention. A good email subject should be concise, informative, and creative.

To make an attention-grabbing email subject, you need to be direct to the point. You should avoid vague phrases such as “Hey, you might find this email interesting.” After all, why should your customer be interested? Instead, notify them about the availability of item “x.” If they are interested in the product, they will naturally open the back in stock alert sent from you.

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2. Manage minimum quantity thresholds

To ensure that small inventory increments, such as processing a single return, do not trigger a large volume of alerts, it is recommended to establish a minimum inventory level threshold. In this way, notifications will not be sent when small amounts of inventory come in. Some stores may find it beneficial to set thresholds at a product level rather than a store level.

3. Automate back in stock notifications 

Automated back in stock notification is an effective strategy to empower customers to stay informed about product availability without the need for constant manual checking.

When customers receive real-time notifications, it increases their likelihood of making a purchase. By leveraging automated back in stock alerts, online stores can capitalize on the demand, converting potential customers into actual buyers, which can lead to increased sales and revenue for your business.

4. Use promos for back in stock items

Back in stock notification is a great strategy to introduce special promos and discounts. When you use promotional offers with your back in stock notifications, you can create a sense of urgency in the customer’s mind that make them never want to miss out on this great opportunity which will motivate them to make a purchase. This is also a great way to ensure a higher volume of sales and encourage customers to come back for more.

5. Send emails from your domain

Sending emails from your own domain is an essential part of any back in stock notification strategy. It’s an effective way to establish an emotional connection with the customer and build trust. This will not only help you ensure high customer satisfaction with your products but also boost your credibility as an online retailer, which can bring more sales and revenue for your business.

6. Allow subscriptions on specific products

Ensuring customer satisfaction should be your top priority, and disappointing them is something you should strive to avoid. To achieve this, it’s crucial to display the back in stock alert form exclusively for products that are set to be restocked. For discontinued items or those you choose not to restock, it’s advisable to deactivate the button, setting the right expectations for your customers. 

This will help you conserve resources and ensure that the back in stock notifications you send are tailored to customers who are specifically interested in certain products.

7. Enable notifications on pre-order products

Enabling back in stock notifications on pre-order products that are currently out of stock with the ‘add to cart’ option enabled is another great strategy to ensure customer satisfaction and encourage them to make a purchase.

This feature can be useful for customers who prefer buying products only when they’re in stock while allowing shop owners to collect email addresses.

8. Add buttons on Collection/Home page

Adding “notify me” buttons to the collection or home page of your Shopify store is an effective back in stock notification strategy to encourage customers to sign up for back in stock notifications. Placing a visible button on the page will make it easier for customers to know about the products when become available which can grow the number of requests and boost your recovered revenue. 

9. Customize the appearance of widget

You should customize the widget shown on your website to make sure the CTA is clear on out-of-stock product pages. You can choose to display the CTA as a button and a pop-up form or choose the subscription form as an inline form embedded on your products.

If you have many CTAs on your product page, you can also choose to have the floating button on the corner of the page. 

Additionally, you can choose the colors, font, and size to create a visually appealing alert that will grab the customer’s attention and ensure that they notice the notification.

10. Enable variant selection 

In case your theme doesn’t let you select sold-out variants, you are able to add the “notify me” button on your Shopify store. This allows customers to pick the variant through a pop-up form with no need to change their theme settings which can ensure a higher level of customer satisfaction and engagement.


Having effective back in stock strategies is essential for any Shopify store. Using a back in stock alert app like Notify Me is an excellent idea if you’re looking to maximize the success of your back in stock notifications.

It can help you to streamline the entire process, from alert creation to sending notifications out to customers. With Notify Me, you can manage everything from one platform. 

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