10 Back in stock email best practices That Actually Drive Results + Templates

You are lucky if your customers sign up for a back-in-stock email from your shop. It shows that they gave you the honor of purchasing only and only from you. People can go and find what you sell somewhere else, so if they decided to wait for you, you indeed got their trust.

But this is not your happy ending. What you write for them in that back-in-stock email to encourage them to come back and get the product is so very important. How you write that Email brings you and your customers a happy ending. So it is clear what we are going to talk about in this blog…

No, not the happy endings. Hopefully, by the end of this blog, you will have a clear idea about how you want your back-in-stock email to sound/look because we’re going to tell you the best practices that actually work.

Back in stock email best practices

1. Keep it simple

You know these days people are too busy to read more than 5 sentences! So try and communicate what you mean in a short message. Be straight, clear, and simple. Your back-in-stock email should not take your customers more than a minute to read.

Take a look at this back-in-stock Email to get a better notion of what a simple message looks like.

simple back in stock email template


2. Create FOMO

You can use FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) to your advantage to bring back customers to your website. But how can this happen? Create this fear in your potential customers that they can lose the chance of buying the product since so many people are on the waiting list before them. Tell them they need to hurry or they will miss out using a single sentence; “Do something before it’s gone!”

back in stock email template example


3. Offer deals and discounts

Offering deals and discounts to your customers can tempt them to take action and return to your store. Here are a few deals you can use to make your customers excited about making a purchase:

back in stock email template example
  •  If a customer buys a certain amount of items, offer them some free products
  • Offer free shipping
  • Offer a percentage off
  • Offer them a discount on top of another discount

4. Offer a better alternative

By offering a similar, alternative product of a higher value, you could use the restock email notification to upsell. However, you must ensure that the upsell items are valuable to the customer. Shortly put, keep upselling real.

Additionally, this email tip is important because there is a high chance that your subscriber may have bought your product from another shop already.

back in stock email template example


5. Try cross-selling

It’s your job as a brand to let your customers know what you have to offer them. Restock alert emails work well for cross-selling. Recommend products that complement the items customers want.

It’s a smart idea to recommend earphones, a phone cover, an SD card, etc. if you have restocked a phone that doesn’t come with any accessories. By using this method, you can increase sales by 30%.

back in stock email template example

6. Announce an upcoming product while you promote your store

Pre-restock notifications are a good way to get customers excited about restocking a product that regularly sells out. While you send this email, you can offer your customers to take a look at your website or your Instagram page. This will increase the chance of selling more items. Take a look at this example:

back in stock email template example


7. Include reviews to create social proof

Reviews are the lucky tickets to winning trust. As you are telling your customers that a product is back in stock, you can mention some of the positive reviews of that item as well. It makes the people on your waiting list sure about the quality and benefits of the item they like to purchase.

back in stock email template example


8. Tell them what makes the restocked products so popular

You can simply talk about the material, quality, and different features of each product. You can also use quotes from customer reviews to show what they love the most about the restocked item.

back in stock email template example


9. Highlight the sizes that are back in stock

Some sizes and colors tend to sell out more quickly than others and remain out of stock longer. Consider mentioning that all sizes and colors, even the most popular ones, are available again.

back in stock email template example


10. Restocked items make great gifts

If an upcoming product is back in stock near a holiday like father’s day or even Christmas, use this as an opportunity. Tell your customers what a great gift the restocked product is and encourage them to buy this perfect gift for their dear ones.

back in stock email template example


You need to make your back-in-stock email irresistible!

Sending a back-in-stock email may seem easy in theory but when it comes to writing an effective one, you need to pay attention to the details. Because after all, the devil is in the details. Right?

You need to consider that your customer might have totally forgotten about your store and the product. It is also possible that they have bought that item from another store already. You need to be prepared for all these possibilities when writing the back-in-stock email.

Some people do not check their emails regularly. You may need to send them the back-in-stock email more than once.

So use any of the mentioned strategies that you think would work the best for you and your customers. But keep in mind that the main restocked product should be the center of your email.

And for the last words, don’t be afraid of trying new things until you find your thing!

P.S: All the email template examples are from https://reallygoodemails.com/.

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