Best Shopify inventory management apps for Black Friday Cyber Monday 2024

Managing an eCommerce business can be challenging enough on its own. If you have a Shopify store, you must be familiar with the daily challenges of managing orders, stocks, and shipping.

When Black Friday season comes around, this situation becomes even more difficult. Those exciting discounts attract many customers to your Shopify store. As a result, the number of orders will increase significantly, and you will run out of stock quicker than ever. Eventually, you may lose track of your Shopify store’s sales and lose so many customers because of out-of-stock products. Since the opportunity comes every once a year, you need to be fully armed before back Friday and Cyber Monday.

To do your Shopify store’s inventory management at its best, you need to know the best inventory management apps for Shopify. Using a Shopify inventory management app, you can make sure you’re always one step ahead of your competitors in providing what your customers need. An organized merchant can keep customers happy.

Inventory management can be deleted from the list of challenges you may face in BFCM. So let’s talk about the best Shopify inventory management apps you will need for Black Friday Cyber Monday 2024.

Top 5 Shopify inventory management apps for Black Friday

1. Notify Me! Back in Stock|PreOrder

What are you gonna do when that popular product goes out of stock on your Black Friday campaign? Well, you need to stop the lost sales until the product is restocked. One of the most popular Shopify inventory management apps is Notify Me. Using this app you can add a “Notify Me When Available” button to those products that go out of stock on Black Friday. Your customers can enter their email/number and register for a back-in-stock notification. When the product is available again the app will send customized push, SMS, or Email notifications. You can reassure your customers that the discount will still be there when the item is restocked, or give them an extra discount code to encourage them to buy the product.


Free: 7-day free trial

Essential: $19/month ($7.96 for the first month)

Pro: $39/month ($15.60 for the first month)

Premium: $69/month ($27.60 for the first month)

2. EasyEcom Inventory Management

Your time is better spent running your black Friday campaign rather than updating accounting, managing orders, and updating stock levels. EasyEcom allows you to focus on your business growth. The app enables you to make purchases & order transfer processes automatic. Using EasyEcom you can manage stock across multiple locations, track expiry dates, serial numbers, and lot numbers.


No monthly fees.

$0.49 (USD) per order.

Bulk discounted pricing available on request.

3. Sumtrackr Inventory Management

Sumtrackr is another Shopify inventory management app for real-time inventory sync between multiple shops, Amazon, eBay & Etsy. The app supports Multiple locations. Also, using Sumtrackr you can prevent overselling, automatically update the stock of bundles based on available components, combine multiple products, and manage print-on-demand business easily.


Free: 30-day free trial

From $49 (200 orders per month) to $299/month (10K orders per month)

4. Stockbot Inventory Forecasting

You will be notified once you hit low stock levels for each of your products using Stockbot Inventory Forecasting, the Shopify inventory management app which handles inventory forecasting for your home shopping network. Simply set a low stock level for each of your products, and this app will notify you once you have hit it. In the Forecasting plan, you can forecast your future demand and reorder quantity. The forecast is based on your recent sales history, lead time, and how many days of stock you want to keep.


Free: 14-day free trial

Email Alerts Basic: $9/month

Email Alerts Pro: $25/month

5. Inventory Planner Forecasting

Using Inventory Planner Forecasting, you will be able to manage your inventory more effectively on your Shopify site. Providing this app with access to your sales trends and data will allow it to prioritize your vendor orders and tell you when to make them, based on your sales trends. With an inventory forecast based on sales trends and vendor lead times, you can optimize your cash flow and free up your time. Data-driven forecasts make it easy to see what, how much, and when to order. Is Amazon one of your sales channels or do you sell through other channels? Using Inventory Planner you can view all your sales trends and inventory needs in one place. Make sure all sales channels and warehouses have the products they need to replenish.


14-day free trial

Starting at $249.99/month (Inventory forecasting & buying recommendations)

6. TPOP: Print on Demand

This is an excellent inventory management app for those of you who have creative design ideas and designs, but can’t be bothered with managing inventory in a corporate environment. Take advantage of this app to set up a Black Friday campaign for your print-on-demand business and let it take care of everything for you. You can use their easy-to-use print-on-demand service that will allow you to launch your brand quickly without investment or logistics. Additionally, they promise to be sustainable, to provide high-quality products, and to use zero plastic.

Pricing: Free to install

Wrap Up

Managing the inventory of your Shopify store can be a daily challenge. This challenge can get more difficult to handle on special occasions Like Black Friday and Cyber Monday when the number of orders gets overwhelming to manage and products go out of stock fast. That’s why a good Shopify inventory management app can come in handy on such occasions. So if you want to get rid of the constant stressing over your inventory once and forever, go for one of these apps.

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