Shopify Black Friday Push Notification And Email Best Practices

Only a few days left until Black Friday 2023. Shop owners whether online or physical, know about the importance of Black Friday. In the past few years, online shopping has grown significantly and this year’s COVID-19 will have an undeniable impact on the growth of online shopping. We can find interesting data in Shopify as a platform for online stores: Over one million merchants on Shopify had interesting data on Black Friday Cyber Monday 2019.

From the start of Black Friday in New Zealand, through the end of Cyber Monday in California, Shopify merchants across more than 175 countries sold $2.9+ billion. So if you are a shop owner in Shopify it’s time to encourage your customers to visit on the shopping day. Knowing some tips can help you more:

Know The Trends

Searching about the trends and popular products and knowing them is the first step but only a few days before Black Friday Cyber Monday is not a good time. So we hope you’ve done this part weeks ago and as a final action check your inventory once again and make sure everything’s ready for the big day.

Encourage Visitors To Opt-In And Subscribe

Having the most complete inventory without customers is useless. So a few weeks before Black Friday Cyber Monday, encourage visitors to opt in and subscribe with coupons and gift cards. The more people opt-in and subscribe the more you can notify them about new products and promotions and have a busy shopping day!


Choose The Best Timing

Timing is very important when communicating with customers, especially during BFCM. Sending a push notification at busy hours may be distracting or the user swipes it without even looking. Analyzing customers’ behavior towards last push notifications can help you determine the best timing.

Send Rich Notifications

Push Notifications are designed to give people the most information in a quick look. So the best way to grab customers’ attention, especially in BFCM is by sending a rich notification. Rich notifications contain pictures and pictures are a good way to pass information in an exciting way. Rich notifications enhance the user experience and also can contain calls to action. With a call to action button, you can build short but meaningful interactions within your messaging.

Back In Stock Notifications And Emails

Automated back-in-stock push notifications and emails are going to be a huge bonus for your store on Black Friday 2023. People tend to buy products in sales more, so making them aware of the products you have and the prices can help them in making decisions for BFCM.


Make Shipping And Returning Policy Clear

One main reason for abandoning carts is shipping policies. So make sure everything about shipping and returning policy is clear and the customer won’t get confused or worse, give up buying.

Begin Before Black Friday Weekend

Starting a bit early can be good for your sale. Black Friday Cyber Monday is a very busy day and if you haven’t communicated with customers earlier, communicating that week may be a bit harder and your push notification and email get lost in the ocean of promotional messages. So try sending push notifications and emails for BFCM earlier and start promoting new products sooner. Also announcing discounts can be encouraging.

Use Urgency In Black Friday Push Notification And Email

We all know when supply decreases, demand increases. So creating a sense of urgency in your Shopify Black Friday 2023 can be helpful. Let customers know about huge discounts and the products left with these discounts for the shopping day. Also setting a time limit for high discount products is a good way for encouraging customers.

Appreciate Loyal Customers

By giving good offers to loyal customers try to keep them happy and satisfied with your site. Free shipping, special discounts, and free items as a gift are effective on the shopping day. Keeping a loyal customer is a priority, also a loyal and happy customer can bring new customers with them.


Black Friday gives an excellent opportunity to online stores for selling and increasing revenue. Using push notifications and emails, shop owners can engage with their customers in ways that they never could before. Take advantage of this great shopping day of the year using these best practices and make the most out of Black Friday 2020.

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