Email Marketing Pros And Cons

Email and push notifications are two common ways to get in touch with an audience. They don’t seem that different and both are a function as a way to draw subscribers back to your website to complete a purchase or your other goals. On the other hand, both have pros and cons. We’ve talked about push notifications pros and cons here and now we want to know more about email marketing pros and cons.

Push Notifications And Emails

Understanding that these two channels come with a vastly different sets of customer expectations is important because it helps you choose the best one for each purpose.

Both are a way to let your subscribers know about updates or recommendations. And, both are an excellent way to ensure your brand stays top of mind.

Still, both ways come with a unique set of pros and cons. For instance, Emails can be spammed, and often, recipients ignore them. Push notifications sent in a bad time can cost you a customer.

We’ll talk more about email marketing pros and email marketing cons below.

Email Marketing History

Email marketing has been around for some time and has developed a lot, It had a long journey from spamming to today’s hyper-targeted approach.

Email marketing has been around for so long, and other channels like push notifications and sms are trying to take their place. However, email marketing still has its place and likely, for the foreseeable future.

Email marketing lets you send your brand’s latest offerings to the user, and they can choose to click through if they like what they see.

Emails come handy when you need to give someone information they can reference at a later date. Since push notifications are in a moment type of communication is not suitable for something you want later refer to.

Emails are better for things like ticket confirmations, invoices, shipping details, and so on. It has its own risk like going to a spam folder though.

Email Marketing Pros

    • Help You Stay In Touch

Email marketing allows brands to keep in touch with their users on a consistent basis.

    • Ideal for Promotional Content

According to Experian, transactional emails receive 8x as many opens and clicks as other types of email and generate around 6x as much revenue to boot. So they are a great way to promote everything.

    • They’re Better for Long or Sensitive Information

One of the email parking pros is that they’re ideal place for promotional pushes. Also emails are better for sending out official communications or sensitive information.

Things like receipts, booking confirmations, billing details, or log-in credentials are best delivered to the inbox. They can stay there as long as the user wants and won’t vanish with a swipe as notifications do.

    • Rich Design

With email, you can design campaigns as you want. You can use plain text, images, HTML, and CSS to make your emails more efficient for marketing communications.

Incorporating high-quality event photography can dramatically enhance the visual impact of your campaigns, bringing real-life moments into your marketing messages and engaging your audience with authentic, compelling content.

    • Shareable

One of the email marketing pros is people can easily share an email by just forwarding it. This helps your communications reach even those people who were not in your email list but are interested in your business.

    • Easy Segmentation

Segmentation in every aspect of marketing is a must. Different kinds of people with different needs are your potential customers. So you need to know them, put them in different categories and give them information based on their need.

One of the email marketing pros is that you can send emails based on demographic information like age, gender, income, or location. Also, you can Run a separate campaign for new customers and long-term brand loyalists separately.

Email Marketing Cons

Like any other marketing tool emails have drawbacks too. Emails can be so useful but with some errors happen while using them, marketers must be careful.

Wrong segmentation or using subject lines containing so-called “spam words” are two common errors which happen while using email marketing.

    • Lower CTA

Email marketing often receives lower click-through rates than other channels such as push notifications or SMS. There are so many messages in an inbox which makes it harder for an email to get attention.

    • Spam

Promotional emails may aggravate users. Sending not relevant emails leads them directly to spam folder or trash.

    • Violation of privacy

Sending emails to people who don’t want to receive them can be a privacy violation.

    • Emails Never Delivered

With the help of artificial intelligence, spam filters can identify and block certain spam keywords in the subject and mail content. As a result tons of emails never make it to the regular inbox and go to spam folder.

    • Email content and template design problems:

People check their emails on mobiles and desktops. Designing email templates fitting across multiple devices is challenging. Also email providers may have their own set of rules and preferences.

    • Emails are not instant

Emails are not an instant communication tool. Although most people have email apps on their mobile phones or check emails regularly on desktop but missing an email is ordinary.

Wrap Up

Push Notifications and email are both useful tools for re-engagement programs, but each has its limitations. Learning about each and knowing what are they capable of, helps you decide which is best for your campaigns and you can get the best results.

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