5 Best Back in stock Shopify apps compared (Notify Me vs Cartbite vs Appikon and more)

Whether you own a website or run websites for your clients, one of the most important items is to make sure to never lose a sale on an out-of-stock product. In other words, it is necessary to encourage visitors of an out-of-stock product to leave their contact info so they can be notified when a product is back in stock. The easiest way to do this is with the help of a Shopify app specially designed for restock alerts.

Back in Stock Notification, also known as an in-stock alert or notification, is an email sent to customers who have chosen to be notified when an item they want becomes available. In-stock notification is a great way to re-engage clients who had previously expressed interest in your goods. It’s possible that your consumer received a product that is similar to yours from another store, but it doesn’t hurt to try, right?

Especially if the things in stock are items that are in high demand, such as a sneaker or clothing that has gone viral after being spotted by an influencer or artist. Now let’s go over the top ranking back in stock Shopify apps on the Shopify app store:

1- Notify Me! Back in stock and Preorder

notify me back in stock and preorder

Notify Me! is the most popular Shopify back-in-stock app on the Shopify app store, ranking first on Back in stock and second on Preorder categories.


Notify Me has the basic features of all restock alert apps. In the free plan, you can send up to 10 restock notifications for your Shopify store (Via email, push notifications, and SMS) with no charges even on SMS notifications. With paid plans, your features grow massively, some of the features include:

  •  Fully customizable (color, size, text, etc.) that is customizable based on your theme. The 24/7 support will also help you make any changes necessary too
  • Show or hide the “Notify me when available” on each product. This feature is awesome because it lets you decide which products you want to still keep selling.
  • Exports are included in all plans. ReStock knows that any Shopify store may want to migrate to another service, that’s why you can export all your records easily.
  • Want to send the emails directly from your domain? With Notify me’s app, you can configure this in seconds
  • Using Klayvio, PushOwl, or other services? Notify Me’s back in the stock app lets you integrate with all the other tools easily
  • Do you want to send back in stock emails for your out of stock products that are sitting on the collections page? Even homepage? Notify Me! is the only app that lets you do this easily.
  • If your Shopify store is not in English or you have a multi-language website, Notify Me’s back-in-stock Shopify app lets you change all the button texts, emails, and more to your language
  • Want to have a pre-order page for your products? No need to install another app. Use Notify Me’s app to do this all within one app

Notify Me alternatives:

There are a handful of other Shopify apps for back in stock notifications on the Shopify app store. Some of the most popular ones are reviewed below, The naming of these apps may look similar but they do offer various features for various prices. Some of the most popular ones are:

Back in Stock ‑ Restock Alerts by SealApp

This app is one of the cheapest options available for Shopify stores that are looking for a back-in-stock app that may do the job but is limited in customizations and features. You can NOT send push notifications, there are no homepage and collections integrations. It is not recommended for Shopify stores that are trying to make some serious buck from their out-of-stock products.

Back in Stock ‑ Out of Stock by Ordersify

Orderisify is one of the Shopify partners that has a various selection of apps for its Shopify merchants. It has all the basic features you’ll need. However, there are a lot of complaints about waiting time to get to their support team. So make sure you get in touch with the theme to see how they work before upgrading

Back In Stock: Customer Alerts by SureSwift Capital

    The back-in-stock Shopify app with the most amount of reviews is the one by SureSwift Capital. It has the highest amount of 1-star reviews and there’s a huge lack of features for pros such as domain setup, preorder feature, and more


    Notify Me’s back in stock Shopify app is rated 5 out of more than 1150 reviews.

    2- Back in Stock & Restock Alerts by Cartbite

    cartbite back in stock shopify app

    Cartbite’s back-in-stock Shopify app is another app for restock notifications on your Shopify store. It does offer a pay-as-you-go for notifications on top of the flat packages and there are no integrations with popular Shopify tools like Klayvio


    •  Abandoned Cart notifications for users who have left at checkout can be a good conversion trick for your Shopify store
    •  Price Drop notifications allow customers to know when there is a sale for a product via notifications
    •  Custom Campaigns and Segments to send targetted notifications to customers

    Reviews and Screenshots:

    Cartbite is rated 5 stars with 1436 reviews.

    3- Back In Stock ‑ Restock Alerts by Appikon

    appikon back in stock shopify app

    Appikon’s back in stock app is one of the oldest Shopify apps with the most installs. It does support Facebook messenger alerts for back in stock, so if you’re looking for FB messenger notifications, it may be your choice. Keep in mind that SMS notifications charge extra on top of the paid plans.


    •  Multiple location support is a feature that is extremely useful for Shopify stores with multiple locations, they can choose when and where they can send restock notifications.
    • MailChimp integration for those Shopify merchants who are looking for an app that is compatible with their Mailchimp account.

    Reviews and Screenshots:

    Cartbite is rated 4.9 stars with 1542 reviews and it has 11 one-star reviews right now.


    As most of the time for any decision goes, it all depends. Need all your back in stock Shopify app to send notifications without any additional costs? Use Notify Me’s back in stock Shopify app. Need FB messenger? Start a test with Appikon.

    Let us know what you think in the comments!

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